Dog Collar Dangers

How is a dog collar dangerous?

A dog collar can not only be uncomfortable for your dog, but can be deadly. I’ve heard stories about dogs jumping over fences and essentially hanging themselves because they couldn’t break their collar. It is a sad fate for any animal, especially since it can be avoided.

Some of the most common ways that a dog collar can become caught are:

  • Jumping over fences,
  • Playing with another dog, who gets caught on their collar,
  • In and around their kennel or crate,
  • On deck boards,
  • On picnic tables,
  • On household vents,
  • On branches,
  • In a vehicle,
  • And underneath a vehicle.

That is just a short list of places where your dog collar can get caught up and possibly cause them to choke, or worse.

Is a dog collar worth the risk?

The short answer is yes, as long as you have the right kind. The main reason for a dog to have a collar is not to have its tags on it, but so that the owner can control it. While some dogs are incredibly well behaved when they have been properly trained, a lot of dogs want to run every time the door is opened. Having something to grab onto saves enough hassle if this was the only reason, it would be nearly worth the risk.

If your dog is outside a lot, especially if you take them to an off leash dog park, it is essential to have a collar with tags on your dog. Your dog won’t always make it to the shelter in your town, many times they are found by other people nearby.

This happened to us when an akita followed me home when I was eight years old, my mother simply called the number on his tag and his owner came and picked him up within the hour. As it turns he had left the gate open by mistake, and when his kid loving dog saw me and my friends, he tagged along… Of course there was likely a bit of “here boy” coaxing along the way.

Back on topic though, the man would not have got his dog back as quickly as he did if it wasn’t for his dog having tags on, even if it was microchipped, or tattooed it wouldn’t have sped up the process any. He would have had to either wait for the shelter or vet to call him, or may have lost his dog altogether if someone took the dog into their home, thinking it was a stray.

Not all collars are a danger to your dog of course, and many of the other articles will give some types that are safe, and tips on how to better use the ones that are not as safe.

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